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The following pages are aimed at giving our members useful information on planning and conservation insofar as it relates to the Ladbroke area. Please let us know if there is other information that you would like to see on this website.


In March 2014, the Government put online their Planning Practice Guidance, an excellent web-based resource on the planning system at http://planningguidance.planning It has a particularly good description of the planning application process at

The RBKC website also has much useful information, although it is not that easy to find one's way around it. For planning applications concerning basements, see also our Basements page.


  • Conservation good practice - how to keep our area special (in preparation)
  • Central and local planning policies relevant to the Ladbroke area
  • Planning matters relating to communal gardens (in preparation)
  • Trees (in preparation)


Page last updated 20.6.2014.