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    Although most of the railings round the communal gardens were removed during the Second World War (with the aim of melting them down to contribute to the War effort), most houses retain at least some of their original Victorian ironwork – including railings along their street boundaries and on the side of their porches, balconies and plant restrainers or sill irons on window-sills. Often the grander houses had internal cast iron bannisters to the same pattern as their external balconies. We will be adding articles to this page on the different sorts of ironwork. The brief article below on sill irons was first published in the Autumn 2015 issue of Ladbroke News.








    The Ladbroke estate has some magnificent Victorian ironwork in the form of railings and balconies.  There is one sort of ironwork, however, that is often over-looked, and that is sill irons or plant restrainers on window-sills, normally at first floor level. Many houses still have these and it is normal for houses in a terrace or a series of villas to have matching plant irons. Some of these are illustrated below.

    Over the years, some of these sill irons have gone missing or been replaced by not particularly sightly modern ones. If people are undertaking work on their house, we would encourage the reinstatement of plant restrainers that match the pattern particular to that terrace or group of villas.






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